Vincenzo “Viz” Maurogiovanni
is a seven-string and fretless bass player and drummer, born in Bari, Italy in October 1976. He has performed with: John Stowell, Guthrie Govan, John Maida, Phil Maturano, Tuck and Patti, Michele Campobasso, Giovanni Giorgi, Pierluigi Villani, Alessandro Napolitano, Rocco Zifarelli, Tony Esposito, Luca Aquino, Fabio Rogoli, Roberto Cati, Daniele Chiantese, Marco Contardi, Fabio Meridiani and many others.

“The Little Mark Tube 800 head is very powerful, with a versatile EQ,” says Vincenzo. “The double option of solid state/tube preamp sounds expands the timbre option. Also, it’s very easy to transport: an essential detail for those who travel often J. The 2x10 Traveler 102P cabs put out impressive volume, a very consistent low-end presence, and fast attack—and they respond very well to the wide and sudden dynamics I subject them to with the various instruments I use… I’m more than satisfied!!! Thanks Markbass.”

photo: Pierpaolo Visco