This is a weird and unique period of our lives where we’re forced to stay at home to fight against a bad virus worldwide.
Playing our instrument is a way to find joy, hope, consolation, company and many other feelings… and one of the positive things about this period is we actually have more time to play!

We have an amazing artists roster for both Markbass and DV Mark and it’s always great to listen to these musicians performing live or on their albums. Having them as a personal band would be a dream for any pro or amateur musician!

Well, me made this dream come true! Many of our top artists created some original backing tracks just for you to let you practice and improvise with their groove supporting your musical expression!

This is a valuable present we wanna make to all our fans worldwide to let you all enjoy virtually playing with our super talented Markbass and DV Mark artists and we wanna thank them very much for their help, talent and enthusiasm supporting this initiative. Mark World is a big family and our artists Music is the voice we use to speak to all of you!

Check out our Artists Backing Tracks below and unleash your musicality!