Bass Musician reviews the Little Mark Tube 800, New York 604

Dec. 2, 2009, midnight
Bass Musician has just published a glowing review of the Little Mark Tube 800 head and the New York 604 cabinet. Here are some excerpts:

"To say that the folks at Markbass are on a roll might be putting it mildly. They've been busy churning out a dizzying array of new innovative products for bassists, as well as thoughtful revisions and updates for their most popular models. Recently, they sent me their new Little Mark Tube 800 head along with a pair of NY604 cabs to check out, and I was as impressed by its dwarfish footprint as I was by the glorious tone emanating from this small wonder."

Little Mark Tube 800
"The tube channel adds versatility and increases options for tone shaping… I have been keeping up with people's assessment of the Little Mark Tube 800, and many have said that they don't hear a real difference between the tube and solid state settings. I will say that in my testing, I was able to discern a difference, but it was by no means night and day. If I had to classify one vs. the other, I would say that the tube setting felt a tad fuller in the low mids, and had a stronger leading edge note attack. In comparison, the solid state setting performed more evenly, had a more refined and level tonal and dynamic response. In truth they both sounded great, and without the A/B comparison, I never would have felt it lacking in either setting.

Sound wise, I have to admit that I was a little surprised by the tone from the Little Mark Tube 800 out of the box. I have become accustomed to the syrupy sweet midrange, and round bottom on my LMII. By contrast (in SS mode), the 800 sounded quicker, had more upper midrange articulation, and had a tighter low end. …I was quickly able to adjust and find my tone with the ever intuitive EQ/filter section, and the amp performed beautifully with a number of different cabs and basses. …Overall the Little Mark Tube 800 is a wonderful amp. It addresses some of the improvements I felt the LMII needed, and in typical Markbass fashion, everything is intuitively packaged in a great form factor... In my opinion, the 800 is a great deal for what you get. Power packed, feature laden, and of course, great tone!"

New York 604
"Like all of the Markbass cabs I've checked out, the 604 seemed very solid and well built, with high quality hardware and carpeting… The cabs sounded impressive, especially given their size and weight. It's hard not to be impressed by a 33 pound 17" cube that doles out a substantial amount of volume and low end. I wasn't expecting arena rattling sub-bass from these guys, but I was pleasantly surprised by how they did perform. Buttery and smooth sounding, they produced a sweet full range tone that extended quite nicely down low… The 604 excelled the most in smaller, more intimate settings. The natural tone and warm bottom blended perfectly with a handful of acoustic instruments, as it did in rehearsal settings at lower volumes with electric instruments.

The 604 cabs absolutely achieve their goal of providing great solid tone and reasonable volume for their size. I could definitely see picking one or two up if size was a real issue for me. …there's a lot packed into these guys, and they sound great. If space is an issue and you're after a warm, natural tone, I highly recommend putting a 604 on your list of cabs to audition."

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