BGM reviews the Markbass EVO 1.

July 18, 2017, 1:59 p.m.

Here some excerpts:

  • "Markbass have never been a company to rest on their laurels. They always seem willing to push the boundaries of design and technology..."
  • "Bearing all that in mind, this new EVO 1 head could be just what many players are looking for; a powerful modelling-type amp with all the versatility of the Multiamp – but also one that’s really straightforward to use."
  • “This new EVO 1 head could be just what many players are looking for; a powerful modelling-type amp with all the versatility of the multiamp – but also one that’s really straightforward to use.”
  • "I loved this amp. It’s a real gigging tool, and it’s so easy to edit your sound on the go. Although it ‘only’ pushes out about 300 watts into an 8 ohm cab, the MPT (Mark Propriety Technology) class D power amp design gives plenty of headroom and more clean volume than you’ll probably ever need."
  • "Modelling amps for bassists don’t come much easier to use, or better-sounding, than this."

    Markbass EVO 1 >>> Product page

    Special thanks to Markbass UK distributor MSL Professional.


Markbass artist Justin Gray's New Horizons

Justin Gray & Synthesis is a contemporary world music ensemble that explores a captivating cross-cultural blend of Indian and western music. The ensemble features Justin Gray on Bass Veena & Electric Bass, Ted Quinlan on guitar, Drew Jurecka on Violin, Ed Hanley on tabla and Derek Gray on drums & Tibetan singing bowls.

Georgy Porgy - Bass Arrangement by Frank Hermanny

Markbass artist Franck Hermanny plays hi own arrangement of Georgy Porgy, in Loving Memory of the Porcaro Brothers (Jeff and Mike) from the band Toto.

Markbass top-artist Marcus Miller at CME.

Bass legend Marcus Miller show us his Sire basses playing the prototypes of his Markbass signature rig.

Marcus Miller at Markbass Headquarters!

I've been working on a killer bass amp with Marco De Virgiliis and his team in Pescara, Italy. Hung out with them this past June and went over EVERYTHING to make sure we got this just right...woofers, tweeters, EQ. I think you're gonna love it. Check this out. MM

Gao Yufeng and Little Mark Tube.

Our Markbass endorser in China Gao Yufeng with his Little Mark Tube head!

Dino Fiorenza - Biondology

Markbass artist Dino Fiorenza plays "Biondology", feat. William Stravato (guitars) and Gaetano Nicolosi (drums).

Miguel Lezcano - Draft III

Spain Markbass artist Miguel Lezcano.

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