Guitar Interactive Magazine reviews Little Marcus 800 and Marcus Miller 104 CAB.

Aug. 27, 2018, 1:50 p.m.

Here some excerpts:

  • On the face of it, quite literally where we are starting as it happens, the Little Marcus doesn’t appear to be much different to that of other Markbass offerings. Alas you’d be mistaken! First of all, a very cool feature. There’s a mute button to silence the input of the amplifier and when engaged a coloured halo around the input jack changes from solid colour to flashing.
  • Little Marcus also has an extra band of equalisation. One of my bug bears with equalisers on bass amplification is that on a some models, you'll have a bass control centred all the way down at 40hz (shelving) and literally nothing to offer adjustment until the next band centred at say 400Hz. A Lot of our bass tone rocks out at second harmonic fundamental note frequency. In short, I want a bit of control between 60hz and 200hz before I get to that 400hz dial. Enter the Little Marcus with the ultra-low centred at 65hz and the low mid.. yes there is it! 180hz! Just above that kick drum punch. Pretty spot on.
  • The amplifier I feel has a great clean sound with lots of volume on tap.
  • The 104 bass cabinet wrapped in a carpet style covering features four neodymium Markbass speakers with those eye-catching yellow cones that are easily part of the Markbass identity. 104 weighs in at an almost silly 22Kg. Very pleasing for a player like me who has done over 25 years of gigging.
  • The 104 cabinet offers a characteristic sound. The super tweeter is lovely actually. The mix of neodymium speakers in an essentially smaller cabinet offers up a low mid-range punch more so than deep low end subs.
  • A wedge between? So a major selling point for me is the design of the cabinet (if I put aside the other specifi cations for a moment) is that this cabinet can not only stand upright but fl ip it on its side and the cabinet will drop into ‘kickback’ or ‘monitor’ position.
    Guitar Interactive Magazine



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