March 1, 2018, 9:35 a.m.

With the risk of being repetitive, one of the first words occurred to us is PASSION… followed by CREATIVITY, GENIUS and  DISSIPATION, often out of the box reinterpreting the existing standards.
Nothing would have any sense without passion. Italians have a huge passion for life and they can appreciate every single shade it offers every day.
“Italy: land of saints, poets and sailors” and no doubts… a geniuses land as well!!!
Our genius is recognized and valued all over the world, together with our dissipation,  keeping us from matching the usual standards, creating a winning mix.
Our region, Abruzzo, with its beautiful mountains and amazing sea, offers unique stimulation that reflects on what we create, feeding our passion day by day…not a case it’s been the first word occurred to us to describe the “ITALIAN STYLE”!

—Marco De Virgiliis—



Jeff Berlin Improvises "Ave Maria".

Jeff sat down and improvised this gorgeous version of "Ave Maria."

Markbass artist SONG YANG - CMD 102P

Markbass artist SONG YANG demoing the CMD 102P combo. Thanks to our distributor Parsons Music.

Marco Micheli - AC 101H

Markbass artist Marco Micheli plays his Markacoustic AC 101H combo.

Michael League - Jan Jan

Here is Markbass top-artist Michael League performing the song Jan Jan by The Fabulous Counts using his Markbass Casa signature head! Michael League - Bass Roosevelt Collier - Lap Steel Ryan Scott - Guitar Louis Cato - Drums Video by Simon C.F. Yu | 2nd Camera by Nikki Birch

Michael League - Spike

Here is Markbass top-artist Michael League performing the song Spike, written by Michael League and Roosevelt "The Dr." Collier. Michael is using his Markbass Casa signature head!

Jeff Berlin Shows You How to Get His Smokin' "Joe Frazier - Round 3" Sound

Markbass top-artist Jeff Berlin describes three techniques he incorporated into the all-new "Joe Frazier - Round 3": - String bending - A "percolating" staccato approach - Legato playing

Michael League with Markbass Casa.

On this video Michael League from Snarky Puppy plays a solo on his old Fender Precision using his Markbass Casa signature head.

Aerosmith - Rag Doll 2.0 (slap bass cover) - Alberto Bollati.

A very cool "solo bass" version of Rag Doll (Aerosmith) by Markbass artist Alberto Bollati!

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