Massimo Moriconi clinic at Markbass headquarters.

May 22, 2017, 3:42 p.m.

Don't miss the opportunity to meet one of the bassists that wrote Italian's pop music history with his solid own basslines and one of the most active Italian teaching musicians, recognized as Italy's "best double bassist","best studio bassist" and "best Jazz/Fusion bassist".

During his workshop Massimo will discuss with Marco and you all about the musician job from when he started until now and how the Music transformation from analog to digital dramatically changed this kind of job.
Massimo is gonna follow a path starting from Italian jazz after the war, to Chet Baker, to Mina, to Morricone and to free jazz….everything explained through stories about the 350 records he recorded with many artists I also tour with (Lelio Luttazzi, Sellani, Arigliano, Mina, P. Woods, C. Baker, Trovajoli) explaining how important is making music together not marginalizing any music genre.

Of course he's gonna play some songs about what he's talking about.
He’ll play with his trio feat. Egidio Marchitelli on guitar and Pierpaolo Ferroni on drums, and a special presence by the very talented singer Emilia Zamuner.

***** SOLD OUT *****

Livestream on  - starts at 20:30 (8:30pm Italian Time)



Dino Fiorenza - Biondology

Markbass artist Dino Fiorenza plays "Biondology", feat. William Stravato (guitars) and Gaetano Nicolosi (drums).

Miguel Lezcano - Draft III

Spain Markbass artist Miguel Lezcano.

Neil Jason & Markbass.

Markbass artist Neil Jason on tour with Bryan Ferry using his Little Mark Tube 800 and Standard 104HF.

Markbass artist Mauricio Nader shows the Bass Multiamp.

Mauricio Nader, Bajista nacional en los cuarteles de Casa Amarilla hablándonos de las increíbles características del MULTIAMP de MARKBASS.

Hadrien Feraud - (What's Crackin' in ) INDIATOWN

"INDIATOWN" by Chick Corea rearranged by Markbass top-artist Hadrien Feraud. Lyrics by Marcus Miller.

Lorenzo Feliciati at Martin Verdonk Master Sessions.

Markbass artist Lorenzo Feliciati at Martin Verdonk Master Sessions live from Triple-A-Music - Season 2 Episode 1. Special Thanks to Voerman Amersfoort B.V. and Markbass Benelux for the support.

Markbass artist Dino Fiorenza - Slap Machine

Slap Machine Official videoclip from "It's important" Dino Fiorenza's Album. Gianni De Chellis - Guitars Mistheria - Keyboards Gaetano Nicolosi - Drums

METATRONE - Molokai (Official Video)

New Video from Metatrone feat. Markbass artist Dino Fiorenza.

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