Maurizio Rolli's California Dream Band - Concerts in Italy.

July 12, 2017, 10:21 a.m.

Here the details:
July, 30 - Atri Music Camp (clinic+concert) - ATRI
August, 1 - Beat on to Jazz Festival - BITONTO (BA)
August, 2 - Rolli-Ruiz-Smith trio @ "La Suite" - Lungomare Zara GIULIANOVA (TE)
August, 4 - Corinaldo Jazz Festival - CORINALDO (AN)
August, 5 - Rolli-Ruiz-Smith trio feat. Ciro Manna - Eddie Lang Jazz Festival - MONTERODUNI (IS) 
August, 6 - Rolli-Ruiz-Smith trio - Maratea Jazz - MARATEA (PZ)



Markbass top-artist Marcus Miller at CME.

Bass legend Marcus Miller show us his Sire basses playing the prototypes of his Markbass signature rig.

Marcus Miller at Markbass Headquarters!

I've been working on a killer bass amp with Marco De Virgiliis and his team in Pescara, Italy. Hung out with them this past June and went over EVERYTHING to make sure we got this just right...woofers, tweeters, EQ. I think you're gonna love it. Check this out. MM

Gao Yufeng and Little Mark Tube.

Our Markbass endorser in China Gao Yufeng with his Little Mark Tube head!

Dino Fiorenza - Biondology

Markbass artist Dino Fiorenza plays "Biondology", feat. William Stravato (guitars) and Gaetano Nicolosi (drums).

Miguel Lezcano - Draft III

Spain Markbass artist Miguel Lezcano.

Neil Jason & Markbass.

Markbass artist Neil Jason on tour with Bryan Ferry using his Little Mark Tube 800 and Standard 104HF.

Markbass artist Mauricio Nader shows the Bass Multiamp.

Mauricio Nader, Bajista nacional en los cuarteles de Casa Amarilla hablándonos de las increíbles características del MULTIAMP de MARKBASS.

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