Mixdown Magazine reviewed the MB STU AMP 1000.

June 14, 2019, 7:09 a.m.

Here some excerpts from the review.

  • At 3 kgs, the amp is relatively portable and not too heavy (not micro but definitely easy to handle) and could definitely turn some heads with its simplicity and option of both Tube and Solid State.
  • It also sports a garishly orange front panel that will stick out on stage in the best way.
  • With its graphic EQ and three large knobs, the STU amp looks a little more retro and rock ‘n roll (for want of a better word) than a good portion of the Markbass line. That’s not to say there isn’t a wide range of tones on offer though.
  • The STU amp can cross over from rock to funk with ease and its size and power make it a workhorse for anything from small rehearsals to big gigs.
  • While the solid state and tube mix isn’t a new thing, it definitely works well on the STU amp and I could see it being a big selling point – especially with 1000 watts on board. 
  • This isn’t the ‘just put your name on a signature amp’ deal – it’s obviously something Stu had a big hand in. Couple that with Markbass’ reputation for quality gear and you’ve got a great workhorse amp that will work in many musical settings.




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