Feb. 28, 2018, 8:37 a.m.

We started with “THE REAL SOUND OF YOUR BASS”, a phrase that now “inspired” also other brands.
Then we had “BASS AT ITS BEST” still giving sense to our philosophy of products that are able to give back and glorify your instrument characteristics. After a while we launched “BORN TO RUN” to summarize our desire to keep going with all our passion, research and innovation that always made the difference and always will…
Every single thing we do is moved by PASSION, it couldn’t be any different.
You can find this passion into any Mark World product and it’s there every day in our relationships with our customers, artists, dealers and distributors. As we said, INNOVATION is still a constant feature of our company since the very beginning. We’ve been the first offering great sounding, light and portable amplifiers, the first using exclusively Neodymium speakers and we still design and develop innovative technological content products, often out of the box but always respecting our initial philosophy and our passion that we’ll never lose.

—Marco De Virgiliis—



Ana Karina Sebastiao e Paula Lima - Mil Estrelas.

Markbass artist Ana Karina SebastiĆ£o Studio Session with and Paula Lima.

Stanley Sargeant bass popping.

Amazing "popping" groove from Markbass artist Stanley Sargeant playing his Little Mark Tube 800 with New York 122 Ninja.

Rig Rundown - Snarky Puppy

Markbass top-artist Michael League from Snarky Puppy talks about his new Markbass signature amp and cabs. Thanks to Premier Guitar.

Wave Existence - Evan Marien x Dana Hawkins.

New music from Markbass artist Evan Marien.

NAMM 2018: Mohini Dey interview.

Here an in-depth interview to Markbass top-artist Mohini Dey by Australian Musician magazine.

Lorenzo Feliciati - Unchained Houdini.

Markbass artist Lorenzo Feliciati plays "Unchained Houdini" from his new album "Elevator Man".

Michael League soloing on Markbass Casa.

Here is another solo by Markbass top-artist Michael League from Snarky Puppy and his Markbass Casa signature amp. Video by Simon C.F. Yu | 2nd Camera by Nikki Birch

Sudeep Audio interviews Markbass top-artist Mohini Dey!

We're very proud to have her in our family!

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