Pierluigi Balducci published his new method book for electric bass.

Nov. 12, 2018, 7:12 a.m.

CONTEMPORARY ELECTRIC BASS is a two volume method book a guide to improving harmonic knowledge of the fingerboard and boosting technical mastery. 
VOL. 1 has been devised for beginner and intermediate level bass players who play electric or acoustic basses with 4, 5 and 6 strings. It includes 30 links to online videos.
VOL. 2 has been devised for intermediate and advanced level bass players and includes 70 links to online videos.
The work aims at reinforcing both harmonics and instrumental technique: on the one hand, the exercises presented here will improve a player’s HARMONIC KNOWLEDGE of the fretboard; on the other, they will boost their TECHNICAL MASTERY of the instrument. With performing experience and constant practice, harmonic knowledge will easily turn into harmonic competence, while technical skills will become functional to musical needs, rather than muscular ones. To sum up, this method book offers a variety of exercises that will strengthen both the harmonic and technical abilities of its readers.

All videos are recorded by Balducci playing his Markbass amplifiers.

Contents of volume 1.
• triads - main tetrads - pentatonic scales - major and minor scales - knowledge of the 1st position of the fretboard and use of free strings - right hand - introducing legato (hammer-on and pull-off)

Contents of volume 2
• tetrads - harmonization of major and minor scales - approach tones, neighbor turning tones, enclosures and passing notes - modes of the pentatonic scale - modes of the major scale and modes of the jazz melodic minor scale - 9th chord arpeggios and altered dominant chord arpeggios - octatonic diminished scale and whole tone scale - advanced right hand - improving legato (hammer-on and pull-off)

Playing his electric bass and acoustic bass guitar, Pierluigi Balducci performed at numerous festivals and jazz clubs throughout Italy, Europe and Asia, collaborating with jazz musicians as Paul McCandless, John Taylor, Ernst Reijseger, Gabriele Mirabassi, Luciano Biondini, Javier Girotto, Michele Rabbia, Antonio Tosques, Andy Sheppard and many others. He is also member of the Nuevo Tango Ensamble, performing many concerts all around the world. As a composer and a band leader, he released various albums under his name (since 2006 for the Italian label Dodicilune), always striving for a balance not only between writing and improvisation, but also between African-American jazz language and European classical tradition.
The main Italian jazz magazines Musica Jazz and JazzIt and Italian national broadcaster Radiotre have dedicated considerable inter- views to him. For several years, the prestigious Jazzit Award includes Pierluigi Balducci of the most important Italian electric bassists in the jazz scene.
He performed live for the Italian broadcaster Radiotre, for Bayerisches Rundfunk, for the Austrian broadcaster ORF and for South Korean MBC. He teaches electric bass and improvisation techniques at Matera music university.




"Jimi" from Brian Bromberg's "Bromberg Plays Hendrix" remix/remaster CD 2020.

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Evan Marien - Levitation 21 (Tigran Hamasyan)

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Mark World Artists for Italy.

This video is worth to be watched entirely as it features all the kind words and thoughts we received from our artists during this tough period. That gives us the strenght to go through it, thank you! Music is our life, the universal way to express ourselves! #markworldartistsforitaly

"Salamanders in The Sun" - by Feliciati, Bowders, Sesselego, Rojatti

"Salamanders in The Sun" by Steve Vai played by Markbass Artist Lorenzo Feliciati (Bass), Gianni Rojatti (Guitars), Jeff Bowders (Drums) and Enrico Sesselego (Electric and Acoustic guitars, mix and mastering).

Stu Hamm - Going to California

Markbass top-artist Stu Hamm plays his interpretation of Led Zeppelin classic "Going To California" using his STU Amp 1000 and MB Classic 152 SH cabinet.

Marco Micheli and Markacoustic AC 101H - In Your Own Sweet Way.

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GAUDATS JUNK BAND feat. EFFENBERG - Economia Circolare.

"Economia circolare", the new video from Markbass artist Marco Bachi and our friends of Gaudats Junk band Band feat. Effenberg for Legambiente! Enjoy and share!!!

Marco Micheli and Paolo Birro - Moon and sand.

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