Sonohra sound great with Markacoustic

May 21, 2008, midnight
Sonohra are two brothers from Verona: Luca and Diego Fainello. Luca (25) writes the lyrics with producer Roberto Tini, and Diego (21) is the composer and arranger. Both are accomplished guitarists and singers. The duo won the 58th Festival della Canzone Italiana di Sanremo, the most important Italian festival on worldwide television.

The name of the duo, Sonohra, has a variety of meanings: Sonora is the name of a desert in California, an appropriate image to pair with the group's open approach to music and pronounced as an Italian word it means "play now!"  Luca and Diego developed their musical abilities on their own, from the ground up, and have gathered some great momentum in a very short time.

Luca and Diego come from a family that has kept them always in touch with the arts. Growing up, they were inspired by their grandfather (professional violinist), mother (singer) and father (photographer). They were naturally attracted to music of the 60s and 70s, blues of the 50s, and some of the sounds of the 80s.

Over the past ten years, they honed their chops live, playing in pubs as an unplugged acoustic act, testing their our own songs as well as a wide variety of covers. Early in 2008 they put up a sample of their CD on YouTube and MySpace, the song "Liberi da sempre" (title track of their debut album) and received very flattering and encouraging comments. A contract with Sony followed.

Sonohra are now in California to make a video for the album's second single, "Love Show." Although Luca and Diego are far away from their Italian fans, they stay in touch through blogs and videos sent from sunny California.

"We're more than happy to use Markacoustic AC 101 amps," say Luca and Diego. The third Fainello brother is a bass player and naturally, he uses Markbass!

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Markacoustic and Markbass would like to thank Maurizio Mancassola for his constant support and commitment since before the birth of Markbass. He is pictured at left with Sonohra in his store, Pianoforti e Strumenti Musicali di Mancassola, in Colognola Ai Colli (vr), Italy.



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Marco Micheli and Markacoustic AC 101H - In Your Own Sweet Way.

Markbass artist Marco Micheli plays "In Your Own Sweet Way" solo using his Markacoustic AC 101H combo. Doublebass by Cristiano Scipioni captured by a dynamic mic SM58 and David Gage Realist pickup directly connected to the two channels of the AC 101H. product info:

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Marco Micheli and Paolo Birro - Moon and sand.

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Marco Micheli and Paolo Birro - Like someone in love.

Markbass artist Marco Micheli (feat. Paolo Birro on piano) plays "Like someone in love" using his Markacoustic AC 101H combo. Doublebass captured by a dynamic mic SM58 directly connected to the AC 101H.

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