Stu Hamm joins Markbass family!

June 28, 2017, 10:27 a.m.

This world class bass icon had the opportunity to try many Markbass amps and he was totally blown away by the tone, dynamic, power, weight and, of course, the innovative philosophy that has represented the company since the beginning!
So his meeting with Marco De Virgiliis ended into an official partnership with the brand!

Stu Hamm is a legendary bass player non only for playing with many guitar heroes such as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Greg Howe and many others, but also for being a big influence in jazz/rock style for many bass players all over the world.

He’s regarded as one of the most technically gifted bassists around and that brought him to be an ambassador for virtuoso bass playing through his mastery of slap and pop and two handed tapping style.
His tuition video “Slap, Pop and Tab for the Bass” has been a real Bible for bassists aiming to develop a great technique and everything Stu is sharing on his methods and clinics can be found of course into his solo records, starting from the debut album “Radio Free Albermuth” in 1988 to his last release “The Book of Lies” he recorded in 2015.

An amp that’s able to deliver all the nuances of Stu Hamm style is a main need for such a high demanding musician; his new official partnership with Markbass talks by itself in terms of where he found his perfect tone and features!

"I have been hearing  following Marco's and Markbass's growth since I first met Marco at a BX3 show in NYC. My good friend Jeff Berlin has been telling me for some time what great gear MB was making." —says Stu— "And I got to hear it every night ! Finally, I have the opportunity to work with the entire Markbass staff to create a new amp head, cabinet and combo amp that might appeal to a wider rock bass market. Wait until you hear and see what we have come up with !! I am so very happy and excited to be a part of the Markbass Family , and to be working with people as passionate about bass as I am!"

So, welcome Stu Hamm! Here at Markbass we’re all very proud to have you in our family and to represent a new important chapter in your musical life!

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