UK Bass Guitar Magazine reviews Marcus Miller heads and cab.

June 25, 2018, 11:58 a.m.

Here some excerpts from the review:

  • Despite being the least powerful of the new range, the 250 gives nothing away in terms of features to its more powerful siblings. It’s easiest to describe this amp as having two distinct EQ sections.
  • Both EQs have a corresponding blue LED and can be independently selected via any standard two-pedal latching footswitch.
  • Another new and genuinely useful feature is the amberilluminated input socket that gently pulses when you hit the mute button.
  • Turning to the Little Marcus 800, rather than the yellow acrylic front panel of the 250, here we have a snazzy brushed stainless finish which really does look the business. The two EQ sections are identical in terms of function and appearance to the smaller amp, but this head really scores with its bigger – much bigger – power amp module. Markbass are one of the few manufacturers who produce their own proprietary class D power amp modules. This is the MPT unit which features in all Markbass digital amps, and which was designed and developed specifically for bass.
  • Turning to the 102 cabinet, this is the product of some new, ground-up thinking. Although there are other cabinets with two 10” drivers and an HF unit in the Markbass catalogue, this is very different, most obviously in terms of its physical appearance. The wedge design allows it to be used either as a tilt-back monitor or standing upright.
  • Used together, this is a rig to be reckoned with. Even with the smaller amp driving a single 210 cab, drawing roughly 150 watts from the amp, there’s tons of headroom. The sound is immediate and crisp with a fat, focused low end. This would be a great setup for someone who needs a clear and bright sound on stage while they hand over the job of amplifying for the audience to the main PA.
  • Swapping the 250 for the Little Marcus 800 ups the ante considerably – and with the bigger amp, although the tone is very similar, everything sounds more relaxed, with the gain set lower and a much deeper reservoir of headroom on tap.

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