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May 11, 2012
Guitar & Bass give high marks to the Bass Tube Marker
Some highlights from the Guitar & Bass review:

"...the mayhem on offer is actually very musical-sounding, with lots of harmonic life and the sort of warmth you really would associate with an overdriven valve amp."

"...kicking in the effect doesn’t suck the tone out of your sound. Rotating the Drive control clockwise goes from an edgy farting sound to a nasty snarl before entering serious buzzsaw territory – you don’t get maxed-out white noise mayhem, but that is in no way a bad thing. Use the Tone dial (again, clockwise rotation) for a brighter, snappier, more aggressive edge to proceedings and, if you’re feeling really brave or just want the nastiest possible sound, full-throttle both controls. It may be pretty impractical for most occasions, but it’s great fun just flailing away."

"This pedal does it's supposed to with a minimum of fuss. Build quality is good, layout is straightforward, and it's simple to use."

Check out the full review here
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