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November 29, 2005
CMD 102P Combo is best bass amp of 2005
The UK's Guitar and Bass magazine has chosen the Markbass CMD 102P combo as the overall best bass amplifier of 2005!

"For a company to be able to produce something as good as the CMD102P in only its third year is quite a remarkable achievement but, take our word for it, this little Markbass unit is the business... the attention to detail displayed in this baby's design is impressive... we think the whole package looks very striking. In fact, there's a pleasing balance here between contemporary and retro which is further reinforced by the solid black knobs and sheer simplicity of appearance of the control panel... Tonally, the Markbass delivers lows that are tight and fat with a pleasing earthy growl and clean, clear highs that indicate a seriously well-attenuated onboard tweeter. Dialling in buckets of bass shakes the room with definition, and boosting Mid Low gives machinegun punch... Adaptable, portable, powerful--this Markbass is very, very good."

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