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March 01, 2012
Tom Kennedy cover story in Bass Musician
A great interview of Tom Kennedy appears in this month's Bass Musician magazine.
Check out the full interview here.

Check out what Tom has to say about Markbass!

"Let me ask you another gear question. You’re a Markbass endorser and use them live. When you’re playing live, do you look for the amp to naturally project the sound of your bass transparently, or does the amp become some component of your live sound?

You know, I think it’s both. I kind of think they end up being the same thing, because I don’t see being able to use one without the other. I guess the proof of that is in the amplification I used before Markbass with my Fodera basses. I used to try various things for years, and although I always loved the instruments and knew the sound they could produce, I don’t think I ever really got it until I played through the Markbass. The Fodera and Markbass stuff both have this wonderful organic midrange. I think a lot of amps have good lows and good highs, but it’s the middle stuff for me where your expression is, and kind of what I want to feel when I’m playing. I want to feel the mids, that’s what I work from, that’s the sound that inspires me. It’s what’s in the middle of the sound. And I remember plugging into a Markbass just by accident a few years ago, and I contacted the company the next day. It wasn’t something I’d planned, and I don’t know that they were particularly attracted to me. In fact, I’d never heard of them, I had no idea what they were. But just from one gig with Mike Stern, playing through this Markbass stuff, I felt like I’d found my sound."

The magazine also includes an article on Evan Marien!

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