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March 15, 2012
Mixdown praises the Little Mark Rocker 500 and TTE 500
Australia's Mixdown magazine included the Little Mark Rocker 500 and the TTE 500 in a recent amp survey, and had lots of good things to say!
Among them:

TTE 500:

"An incredible amp for flexible bass players, especially those who use a lot of active electronics to control their tone live, because the preamp is so reactive, yet the preamp’s own sound-shaping is plenty versatile too."
"One of the best inbuilt compressors ever and an amazing tube-driven 'Colour' contour control. The combination of tube and solid state technology gives you lots of punch and growl, definition and warmth."
"One of the best bass amps out there."

Little Mark Rocker 500:

"The Little Mark Rocker 500 is a rock machine through and through, with plenty of stage-friendly features for gigging bassists."
"Recommended for anyone, but especially rock players."
"Very simple but very deadly. In the good way."
"Rock bass players can spend a fortune looking for great distortion in a pedal, but it's right here in an amp especially designed for it. It would seem that the search ends here!"

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