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April 18, 2012
Maurizio Rolli brings the Pescara Jazz Ensemble to Chicago

Maurizio Rolli, Giancarlo Alfani, Claudio Filippini, Max Ionata and Nicola Angelucci will be performing in Chicago with the Pescara Jazz Ensemble, in a series of concerts from Tuesday April 24 to Friday, April 27.

The Pescara Jazz Ensemble was created ​​by Ente Manifestazioni Pescaresi to celebrate the spirit and culture of Abruzzo, and the jazz festivals of Italy, around the world through music. This ensemble features the top players of the music of Abruzzo. This band reunites Maurizio Rolli with his Italian colleagues of over a decade ago, after a long period of collaborations with musicians of other nationalities.

In 1999/2000, these musicians won a scholarship at Columbia College in Chicago thanks to the Pescara Jazz Festival, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Combining them into one project, after more than 10 years, seems to have been predestined. 

Here are the dates of the Chicago appearances: 

April 24 and 25 – Chicago, Jazz Showcase 
April 27 – Chicago, Columbia College, with the Columbia College Big Band (director, Scott Hall) featuring Mike Stern 

Maurizio says: “Nicola Dell'Olio snapped this photo (above) for the album "Zaira" by Claudio Filippini and Max Ionata. It shows myself, Claudio, Max, Nicola Angelucci and Giancarlo Alfani. Now, eleven years later, the very same band is playing music together again. This exciting adventure will start soon in the USA, and I hope it will last a long time. I haven’t had an Italian band playing my music since Angelo Canelli left us—but now I’m doing it with these extraordinary musicians, who I was lucky enough to watch growing up. It’s a great honor to hear my music enriched by these brilliant talents; I feel the experience is taking me to a new level, musically as well as personally. The gap in our musical partnership has not been wasted time; we’re definitely not picking up where we left off. And since we’ve been friends for a long time, the rehearsals have been really fun... and the fun has just begun. I hope to keep this band together as long as possible, because while we’ve been working together I’ve realized how much potential there is with this group. Thank you to Max, Claudio, Nicola and Giancarlo for making it possible for this dream to come true. I remember during the recording of "Zaira," Claudio told me:  "It’s nice we made ​​this record... who knows where we will be in ten years, and what we will think as we remember these moments." Well, here we are, 11 years later, and we’ll see where the following 11 years will take us!”

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