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April 23, 2012
Manring and Lamadrid featured in Bajos & Bajistas

Spanish magazine Bajos & Bajistas has featured Markbass artists Michael Manring and Fernando Lamadrid.
Here are some excerpts (translated from Spanish):


“I think bass is still evolving as an instrument,” he says, “and I love that. I feel like I am a part of a group of explorers.” 

Q: You work with Markbass; what can you say about them?
A: Markbass is an incredible company—in my opinion they are very innovative and visionary. They’re very dedicated, and it’s a pleasure to work with them. 

Q: Do you like giving clinics?
A: I enjoy it a lot, even more than the concerts. I feel I learn more than the student do! As I said before, I didn´t intend to be in the business world, but I did plan to be a teacher, so it’s okay to teach something from time to time. Music is so deep and absorbing that it has enriched me in all aspects of my life.

Download Michael's interview


Q: You´re a Markbass endorser; what do you find in this brand that the others don’t have? 
A: After having been an endorser of several brands of both instruments and amplification, I really think that you must have your own sound, and the most important thing is that you like that sound. Markbass amplifiers sound really great, and so natural, warm and organic…You can have a modern or traditional sound, depending on what configuration you use—they are very powerful and don’t weigh a lot… what else could we ask for?

Download Fernando's interview

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