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May 06, 2012
Bass Player reviews the TTE 500 and New York 151 RJ

Bass Player magazine has sized up the TTE 500 and New York 151 RJ, and loved the rig's tone and features! Here are a few excerpts:

"The Italian-made TTE/151 rig cuts a striking silhouette; the cabinet’s gold piping and the head’s chic script are all class, and the rhino-reminiscent vinyl covering lends the rig a certain brawniness... This is the kind of rig that’s easily carried with a piece in each hand and a gig bag on your back, which wins major style points in my book. Both the head and the cab feel solidly built."

"Markbass has attracted quite a cadre of artists and amateur endorsers with its ability to blend power, tonal flexibility, and portability. All three of these hallmarks are present in the TTE 500... The subtle, musical compressor and 3-band passive tone stack give the TTE a classic vibe, and the colour control (those familiar with the Markbass Little Mark might recognize this as the VLE filter) does a praiseworthy job of nicking the dark, guttural grunt of some prized old bass cabs."

"Those who feel that the best tone is old-school should think long and hard about the TTE 500. Already sold on its charms and ready to lay down some lira? Now that’s amore."

*note that the review incorrectly identifies the TTE 500's power amp as "class D". It is in fact analog, and incorporates the Tube Technology Emulator, which makes it sound more like a tube power amp.
The magazine will be publishing a correction in its next issue.

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