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February 03, 2010
Top Guitar gives Top award to two Markbass pedals
The Riverbero and Super Synth pedals have been reviewed in the February issue of Poland's TopGuitar, and were also given the magazine's "Top Gear" award.

Excerpts from the review by Maciek Warda, gear department editor (translated from Polish):
”The reverb is amazingly clean and spacious but at the same time it has some analog-like taste that you feel rather than hear. Naturalness is something that every good reverb unit should have, and it is present here. ...The sounds generated by the Super Synth are so cosmic and synthesizer-like that it is very hard to describe their character and charm, which they have in abundance. ...Once again DSP technology is the best solution known so far for those small stomp boxes that let us do real miracles with our bass sound. Both Riverbero and Super Synth will open up a whole new dimension of sound which, thanks to its studio quality, we can share with our colleague-musicians and, most importantly, our audience."

TopGuitar is a monthly magazine for professional and amateur musicians, as well as all guitar and bass fans in Poland, and has been published since 2005. From among all the instruments and other guitar gear tested each month, the magazine’s editorial staff grants a "Top Gear" award to those products which stand out in their class, and deserve special recommendation due to their sound characteristics and playability.

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