The M2VLMF module features the VLE filter, line out level control, bi-band limiter, and a footswitch input for changing channels and muting your signal. The VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator) filters out high frequencies to give you a mellower, less modern sound. The footswitch input allows you to change the channel (if used with the S2 preamp module and/or EQS4 EQ module) or mute both channels--very useful when you need to change instruments during a performance or tune in silence.
  • Master level control
  • VLE filter
  • Line out level control
  • Footswitch (CH1, CH2, mute)
  • Revolutionary high-tech bi-band limiter
MoMark Modules - User Manual
users_manual_MoMark_MODULES.pdf (Size: 4531.7 kb)