MB 1000
The MB 1000 power amp sounds exceptionally warm and clear, even at full volume. With so much power at your disposal, you can play with great dynamics and handle high signal peaks without clipping. The MB 1000 can be used for mono (one side or bridge mode) or stereo applications. It's a perfect match for the Studio Pre or any other mono or stereo bass preamp, clear and reliable every time.
Inputs: Left (mono) & Right: balanced (impedance: 5 Kohm / max.voltage: 30 Vpp)

Outputs (Link)
: balanced (parallel output for each channel)Controls                                             
LEVEL: Left (mono) & Right
LIMITER: Left (mono) & Right

Power output:
300+300W @ 8ohm
500+500W @ 4ohm
1000W @ 8ohm (BRIDGE)

Slew rate:
10 V/us

Damping factor:

Noise ratio
: >100 dB/A

Frequency response:
3 Hz to 20 kHz

500 mVp

Power devices:
switching mosfets

:1U standard rack / depth: 365mm

3,8 kg / 8.38 lbs

Product specifications are subject to change without notice
MB 1000 power amp - User Manual
users_manual_MB_1000_POWER_AMP.pdf (Size: 672.4 kb)