CMD 151P Jeff Berlin
Markbass artist Jeff Berlin has finally found the tone he's been searching for. And although we can't guarantee that Jeff's Signature Combo will make you sound like him, it will definitely make you sound more like you!
Jeff Berlin’s signature combo has top-quality 15” tone and no tweeter. Easily upgrades to a 500W rig with the addition of a New York 151 cabinet.

"I was offered an endorsement with every amp company there is at some time or other. But as a bass player I only function at the level of tone, which was something that I personally couldn't find in any amp for many years. Everyone builds great equipment, but, without that one all-important addition (in my opinon) which is great tone.
Markbass sent me a 15 inch bass cabinet that simply changed my musical life in a moment. I so fell in love with the sound of this amp that Marco De Virgiliis, the head of Markbass, named it the Jeff Berlin combo and sells it worldwide. It is a standard produced cabinet except that I asked that the tweeter be removed from this line as I really hate the tweeter sound."
“This weekend, I played for Markbass in Los Angeles and something totally new happened to me. I was on-stage and when I was playing, the bass tone seemed to be even better than I have ever heard it before. It was as if something special was added into my “Jeff Berlin Combo” amps. But, what was the thing that was new? After the performance was over, I suddenly realized that I never touched any of tone knobs on the amplifiers like I always do. The amps sounded this good and I never even made any tone adjustments. My God! These are the best bass amps ever built.”
Jeff Berlin

Markbass amps/combos are manufactured to be sold and used in the country of purchase, and they are factory preset to that country’s voltage.
Due to homologation issues, the voltage may not be changed.
none (Jeff doesn't like tweeters!)
8 ohms
400W RMS (AES Standard)
500W @ 4 ohm / 300W @ 8 ohm
solid state
40 Hz to 5 kHz
100 dB SPL
46.74 lbs / 21.2 kg
21.93 in. / 55.7 cm
18.27 in. / 46.4 cm
18.9 in. / 48 cm

(Voltage is factory preset according to region of sale)

Product specifications are subject to change without notice

Little Mark series and CMD combo heads - owner manual
D_LMIII_LM800_CHII_LM250_LMTUBE_LMTUBE800_LIGHT.pdf (Size: 705 kb)
Bass Professor review (German)
75_allegato_2.pdf (Size: 587.6 kb)
May 03, 2010
Jeff Berlin's playing continues to influence a new generation of bass players. His teaching continues to inspire and advance players wishing to know about the language of their art.
February 22, 2011
Jeff was interviewed by Cutaway Magazine at the Spanish Bass Day.
October 02, 2012
Jeff's power trio HBC will release their debut CD on October 16 through Shrapnel Records. And they are on tour in Europe, October 4-22!
February 14, 2013
Jeff's column on Bass Guitar magazine is a great chance for readers to ask him questions about bass playing and music theory.
October 09, 2014
Starting on October 13 HBC Super Trio, feat. Markbass top-artist Jeff Berlin on bass, Scott Henderson on guitar and Gary Novak on drums, will have a tour in Europe.
January 13, 2015
Australia's Mixdown have reviewed the CMD JB Players School combo, saying itís a very flexible amp... It strikes the perfect balance between transparency and character.
March 13, 2015
Starting on March 18, 2015 Markbass top-artist Jeff Berlin will be kicking off his weekly "Bass Tips with Jeff Berlin" web series!
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One of the legends of his instrument, Jeff Berlin is considered by many to be the finest electric bass soloist in the world. His sophisticated, articulate playing requires an amp with the same qualities; he has found it in Markbass.
Jeff Berlin at The Players School of Music showing off his Markbass CMD 151P JB Signature combo!
Jeff Berlin & Danny Gottlieb jamming at Markbass booth.
Free bass lesson by Jeff Berlin at Markbass booth.
Jeff Berlin at The Players School of Music showing off his Markbass CMD 151P JB Signature combo!
Markbass artist Jeff Berlin and Mark Drum artist Danny Gottlieb perform at Mark World booth - Frankfurt Musikmesse 2014. Enjoy and share!!!
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D-7 G7 Cmaj 7 Jazz Line
Jeff Berlin Bass Tips - Lesson #9
Bb7 Walking Blues Line. Enjoy and share!!!
Markbass top-artist Jeff Berlin teaches about Walking Bass Line Articulation. Enjoy and Share!!!