The new ALAIN CARON signature CMD SUPER COMBO K1 has been developed respecting Alain's high standards.
This 3-ways combo is amplified by a powerful 1000W MPT (Mark Proprietary Technology) power amp to offer the best fidelity, dynamic and a very serious headroom!
Top-quality sound, incredible power, simple and effective controls... make this combo SUPER!


  • INPUT impedance 500 Kohm, max. voltage 15 Vpp
  • EFFECT RETURN impedance 33 Kohm, max. voltage 10 Vpp


  • GAIN Range –60 / 23 dB
  • VPF (Pre shape center frequency 380Hz)
  • LINE OUT GND Lift – Pre/Post EQ


  • LOW
  • HIGH


  • LINE OUT Balanced, Max Voltage 20 Vpp
  • SEND Unbalanced, Max Voltage 20Vpp (Pre EQ)
  • TUNER OUT Unbalanced, Max Voltage 2Vpp


  • SIZE 1X12" + 1X5"
  • POWER HANDLING 800W RMS (AES Standard)
  • IMPEDANCE  8 ohms


  • 1” coil compression tweeter


  • 40Hz to 20KHz


  • 1.5 KHz / 5.5 KHz 


  • 99dB SPL 


  • OUTPUT POWER 600W RMS@8 ohm / 1000W RMS@4 ohm


  • REAR


  • WEIGHT 59.75 lbs / 27,1 Kg
  • WIDTH 14.76 in. / 37,5 cm
  • DEPTH 17.32 in. / 44 cm
  • HEIGHT 27.17 in. / 69 cm
  • POWER REQUIREMENT 100/120V; 230V; 240V  50/60Hz (Voltage is factory preset according to region of sale)

Markbass amps/combos are manufactured to be sold and used in the country of purchase, and they are factory preset to that country’s voltage. Due to homologation issues, the voltage may not be changed.
Product specifications are subject to change without notice.








Website for musicians reviewed the CMD Super Combo K1 Alain Caron signature, saying it's "One of the best pro combos available today."

The CMD SUPER COMBO K1 Alain Caron signature wins the Bass Guitar Magazine's Gear Of The Year 2017 Awards as Best Bass Combo!

UK Bass Musician Magazine reviewed the CMD Super Combo K1 Alain Caron signature in their last issue, saying "We expect Markbass combos to be good. This one’s exceptional, and ticks every conceivable box for sound and quality".

October 2017 Markbass top-artist Alain Caron will have a series of concerts and clinic in Italy, supported by Mark World, feat. DV Mark artist Ciro Manna on guitar, Alessandro Scialla on piano/keyboards and Antonio Muto on drums.

Another Mark World Special Event, on Tuesday October 24 Markbass top-artist Alain Caron will give a clinic-performance at Markbass factory.

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Alain Caron is a world renowned Canadian bassist from Quèbec, he is always considered one of the world‘s best bass player’s when mentioning top bassists.

25 years after they called it quits, jazz/rock fusion pioneers UZEB will be hitting the road a reunion tour. The trio of Markbasst top-artist Alain Caron, guitarist Michel Cusson, and drummer Paul Brochu last performed at a farewell concert at the Montreal Jazz Festival in 1992 to a crowd of 96,000 people.

We're proud to support, together with our friends at F Bass, the 2nd annual 'Ultimate Bass Camp' featuring Markbass top-artists Alain Caron and Hadrien Feraud!

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Markbass top-artist Alain Caron will be in tour in Italy, with DV Mark artist Ciro Manna on guitar, Michele Di Toro on piano/keyboards and Claudio Romano on drums.

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Markbass top-artist Alain Caron releases a new album entitled "Multiple Faces".

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