Inspired by musicians of differents styles like Stevie Wonder, Chick Corea or Béla Fleck and bass players like Victor Wooten or John Deacon, Alejandro Masafret is a versatile bassist who enjoy playing jazz, blues, brazilian music, pop or rock.

Also is a live and session musician with artists like Ángeles Dorrio, Rozalén, Soraya Arnelas or Antonio José, eventually in concerts with Antonio Orozco or Carlos Baute and soundtracks like “Perdiendo el Norte” (Nacho G. Velilla, 2015) or "1,2,3…rodando".

Born in El Ferrol (Galicia) in 1980, Alejandro grew up in this city full of music in the north of Spain and started to play with 17 in local bands of rock, jazz and blues until he moved to Madrid a few years ago.

Director and teacher on famous schools in Spain like Escuela de Música Moderna in Narón, Rockschool La Coruña or right now in the Escuela de Blues de Madrid.

"I use Markbass for more than 6 years,"—says Alejandro—"because for me it’s the perfect mix between the quality of the sound, power, size and weight. Markbass has revolutionized the market of the bass players amplification. For me, the brand of the last decade and a half."

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