Ana Karina Sebastião bass player for Chico César, Arrigo Barnabe and also has the position of Bass player and backing vocalist for the TV SHOW ‘Conversa com Bial’’/ REDE Globo.

Graduated in music from Cantareira University, Ana began her music career at ten years of age taking guitar and keyboard classes. At the age of 12 she began studying electric bass guitar at the formerly known ‘Universidade Livre de Musica”, recognized nowadays as EMESP Tom Jobim. There, she took classes with Itamar Collaço for 6 years and participated in various music events as a member of ‘Banda D”brothers, a band that she formed with her three older brothers, Ricardo Junior , Michel Sebá and Ulysses Sebastião.

Ana has a knowledge of diverse music genres, having played with well respected national and international musicians such as Gal Costa, Elza Soares, Alexandre Pires, Richard Bona, Tony Lindsay, Ms Monet, Anthony King, Preta Gil, Criolo, Sérgio Reis, Renato Teixeira, Almir Sater, Paulo Miklos, Paulo Braga, Arismar do Espírito Santo, amongst others.In 2013 she was invited by Arrigo Barnabe to be a member of his group ‘O Neurotico e as Histericas” which subsequently led to her being invited to join Barnabe”s other group ‘Claras e Crocodilos” a few months later.She now performs modern renditions from the album ‘Clara Cocodilo” released in 1980.
Moreover, she is a part of Chico Cesar’s “Estado de Poesia” tour.
She was also given the position of Bass player and backing vocalist for the programs ‘Na Voz Delas” and ‘Samantha Canta”, on the channel Canal Bis/Multishow.
She has already played in many places around the world.

“These amplifiers have amazing power! With Markbass I can get the sound I’ve always wanted, a clean, precise and present tone and also they’re not too big or heavy so I can take them anywere.” -says Ana- “I can honestly say it’s the best amp for a bassist looking for amazing time. I highly recommend it! Thank you so much Marco de Virgiliis for offering me to join the family and congratulations for your gear, it’s the best. And thank you Riccardo Damiani for all the care and attention. You guys have an amazing company. Thank you so much!!! I’m in love with Markbass!!!”







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