Ana Pshokina was born in 1996 in a small Ukrainian town Kherson. Later moved to a beautiful Odesa city near the Black Sea, and since 2024 based in Lisbon, Portugal.

She is the only one musician in whole family and she started her musical journey as a singer at age of 13. After years she decided to learn music professionally as a jazz singer at the local music college in Odesa. After graduating from college in 2017, she began self-study on a bass guitar and shared her bass covers on famous Motown hits, funk, r’n’b and jazz grooves on Instagram, so people started naturally following her more and more. After few years some of her covers went viral on Instagram (“Sir Duke”, “Rock with you”) and TikTok (“Do I do”, “Love’s Theory”, “What you don’t do for love” she and get millions of views and thousands of followers.

She well known of her collaboration with american producer and artist Yaahn Hunter Jr. on “Vintage Chill Vibes” which is also went viral on social media and streaming platforms. This song is a part of Hunter’s “Chill Tape Vol. III” album with Pocket Queen as a featuring artist. Ana also released some other songs with Yaahn Hunter: “Chill Vibes”, “Afternoon Chill”, “Cruisin’”.

Anastasia also makes original music in r’n’b and fusion jazz genres. Her latest releases were “Let it out” and “How Can I forget You” (feat. Taras Kuznetsov) which is an extended version of “Afternoon Chill” with Ana’s vocals on it. Currently she’s hardly working on her and her husband’s (Ukrainian producer and artist – Taras Kuznetsov) r’n’b & fusion jazz first album. It’s a huge project that they’ve been working on for the last 6 years. Ana once said: «I actually started playing bass for recording it in my original music, so it took me for a while to figure it out, literally almost 7 years! (laughs)».

Album release expected in 2025.

However, Ana has a lot of releases as a featuring artist and session musician (singer, songwriter, bassist) with lots of different independent artists, producers and DJ’s from USA, UK and Europe: Martina Budde, Detroit Red, Earl Thomas & MOLIGAN, Luke Machin and others.

“I love Markbass for its high quality products that were definitely made with love and passion! First time I was really impressed of a small and lightweight combo (Marcus Miller CMD 101 Micro 60) which was unexpectedly brilliant for the live gigs for its size. Later I get an head & cabinet (Little Mark 58R & MB58R 102P) that work perfectly for my studio job that I mostly do now. And just a simple head and compressor pedal set up allows me to get a bunch of different tones and dynamics for different projects that I work on. Beautiful, lightweight, clean and warm tones – it’s a Markbass!”.

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