Born in 1989, Antonio D’Angelo is an Italian bass player.
He began playing bass at the age of 12 and graduated in electric bass at the “Nicola Sala” Conservatory in Benevento studying with M° Luca Pirozzi. During his studies he was lucky enough to meet many great and famous musicians, thanks to the lessons and masterclasses in which he participated.
He began his career as a musician on cruise ships with the Costa Crociere company and had the pleasure of playing with numerous artists such as J.M. Byron (lead vox in the early 90s of the legendary ToTo), Gigi D’Alessio, Tony Esposito, Vittorio De Scalzi, Ezio Zaccagnini, Haiducii, Giovanni Block, Carlo Verdone, Antonella Ponziani, Tania Lighea, Sonia Addario, Adriano Pennino, Fabio Renzullo, Angelo Cioffi, Flavio De Salve, Giorgio Secco and several others with whom he still collaborates.
Nowadays Antonio continues his live music and recording studio activities and collaborates regularly with some producers; at the same time he teaches electric bass in few music schools.
 “Whether we talk about bass or amplifiers, Markbass is for me a top-class instruments: each concert or studio Session, I plug my bass or amplifiers and immediately I have a perfect tone”

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