Bassist and author, Beppe Sequestro boasts important collaborations in his professional artistic career.
He began studying his main instrument (electric bass) as a talented self-taught after learning as a classical guitarist, experience and a lot of live and recording studio work right away do the rest.
Currently busy with Shaker Agency, Camera soul, Marchio Bossa and Uccio De Santis.
Winner in the VIII edition (1997) of the City of Recanati Award with the band Terrae (ethno music).
In 2001, winner with the band Chiaroscuro (author’s music) of the prestigious Tenco Award as best revelation band of the year.
On tour from 2003 to 2010 with singer-songwriter Mariella Nava (National, European tours and studio).
From 2006 to 2012 he collaborated with Checco Zalone with whom he participated in three editions of Zelig (Mediaset networks) 2007, 2008 and 2009, two specials, always broadcast exclusively on the Mediaset networks, Checco Zalone show in 2009 and Resto Umile world tour show in 2011. From September 2016 to May 2017 on tour with Fausto Leali.
In the cinema he performed the soundtrack of “La bomba” (1999), the last appearance on the big screen of the late Vittorio Gassman, and the soundtracks of Zalone’s first two films: “Cado dalle nubi” and “Che bella giornata”.
Other significant collaborations: Mario Rosini, Gianni Rosini, Mimmo Cavallo, Sergio Laccone band, Daniele Sepe, Antonello Salis, Planet Groove, Ricky Portera, Antonella Ruggiero, Paolo Vallesi, Gianni Ciardo, Debora Johnson, Kimberly Convington, Arthur Miles, Bruce Johnson, Dionne Warwich, Frank McComb, Kenya, Gwen Collins.
Teacher of electric bass and “ensemble music” courses at the Unika Academy in Bari(Italy).
He currently has around 30 recordings (from jazz to pop) and a solo project in progress.

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