Caterina Crucitti was born in Reggio Calabria on 1988. She approached the world of Music at the age of 11, playing the piano. 

She continued her studies at the Conservatorio Cantelli of Novara.
At 16 she fell in love with the electric bass. She first started to study it by herself, then under the guidance of severals teachers including Master Tonino De Sensi, Lorenzo Poli and Massimo Moriconi, showing from the beginning a special talent and a knack for genres such as funk, soul, fusion. 
Over the years Caterina also started to perform live, sharing stages with various bands and many prominent musicians (Fabrizio "Bicio" Leo, Cesareo of Elio e le Storie Tese, Loretta Grace and many others). 
In addition to live performances and recording studio activities, she currently teaches in several schools, among which the CPM (Centro Professione Musica), founded by Franco Mussida (PFM) in Milan. 
She chose Markbass because in addition to the exceptional sound performance, she loves the unique design and portability. 
"I chose Markbass because since the first time I played with my Mini CMD 121P, I was struck by the power and the amazing sound of that little combo. Since then, I've never separated myself from this brand, which combines a great tone to a unique design, with an incredible portability: Markbass products are very lightweight and I finally can take my favourite sound everywhere!"


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