Cesare Chiodo’s first experience as session man came at the age of 18, touring and recording with 60s singer Don Backy.

Since the end of 80s, Cesare Chiodo has worked both in the studio and live with many Italian and international artists including: Laura Pausini, Raf, Adriano Celentano, Nek, Andrea Bocelli, Ornella Vanoni, Mina, Michele Zarrillo, Monica Naranjo, Amanda Miguel, Natalia Lafourcade, Gabriela Romo, Ana Cirrè, Sergio Dalma, Marco Masini, Luca Carboni, Paolo Meneguzzi, Ivana Spagna, Anna Oxa, Gianluca Grignani, Gigi D’alessio, Anna Tatangelo, Audio2, Otto ohm, Paolo Vallesi, Irene Grandi, Natasha St Pier, Oro, Gianni Morandi, Giorgia, Gigi Finizio, Gerardina Trovato, Fabio Concato, Fiorella Mannoia, Andrea Mingardi, Antonello Venditti, Malika, and Polit buro.

Cesare’s bass work with Laura Pausini give him widespread exposure in Italy and around the world, and also led to the opportunity of working for Pausini as an arranger, including on the Live in Paris DVD and San Siro. In recent times he’s also been co-writing with some of the artists he’s been playing with, including Laura Pausini, Raf, Nek, and Anna Tatangelo.

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