Chiara started playing bass at the age of 13 with a second hand bass guitar received as Christmas gift.
She started taking bass lessons with Maurizio Anesa (formerly bass player in the Canale 5 orchestra with Augusto Martelli), who gave her the taste for a sober playing and a clean sound, without artifices. She started playing in pop, rock, funk and blues bands.

After a long period of stop, she came back to bass, studying at first with Maurizio Anesa and, later, with the teachers of CdpM Bergamo (Alfredo Savoldelli and Marco Esposito, Claudio Angeleri, Sergio Orlandi, Maxx Furian, Dario Faiella, Vittorio Marinoni, Giulio Visibelli and Michele Gentilini).

In 2016 she turned to double bass, studying with the support of Marco Ricci before (classical and jazz) and of Marco Micheli later.

She is part of CdpM Europe Big Band, with which she has performed three times at the Blue Note in Milan.
She attended to masterclasses and jazz seminars, during which she had the opportunity to study with Riccardo Fioravanti and to play with jazz players such as Gianluigi Trovesi and Gabriele Comeglio.

Currently, Chiara plays in different projects: jazz orchestra, voice/double bass duo, Zucchero Fornaciari Tribute, hard rock bands, playing from time to time double bass and electric bass.

"I like being versatile, in music as in life. Versatile and essential."—says Chiara—"With Markbass I found all this: extraordinary versatility, so I can play funk with an electric bass or jazz swing with a double bass, in my orchestra. Essentiality: only the fundamental settings to allow me to have, in a few seconds, a sound that is always appropriate. An elegant sound, faithful to the emotions I would like to express".

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