Cristian is an Italian talented young bass player.

Cristian Strincone was born in Palermo – Sicily, in 2006, but he lives now in Licata, a beautiful village in front of the sea, not far from the Temples Valley in Agrigento.

He started studying classical guitar around 10, but he showed his preference for bass frequencies pretty soon, when he removed the higher strings of his guitar stating he didn’t need them!

That’s how his huge passion for bass started, pushing him to practice and study night and day.
One of his videos posted on Facebook arrived to Marco De Virgiliis who immediately noticed his talent and his skills, especially on fusion, funk, jazz and rock music.

Mark World loves to support young talents around the world.
We believe there are so many promising young musicians out there who need to be encouraged to use their talent.
They’re gonna represent our future generation of musicians and we must support them with a good musical instruction and great gear to let them perform at their best!
Markbass and DV Mark are proud to be part of these musicians career since the very beginning.
These young guys are an example of passion, dedication and perseverance, all qualities that made Marco De Virgiliis himself who he is today.


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