Donatello “DON ROXX” Comignani was born in Pescara (IT) on 1975,  as a child he developed a passion for Rock music.
At age 15 he began to play bass by himself and then continue to deepen the technique of the instrument with the Master Maurizio Rolli.
Don Roxx is constantly active since 1997 as a session musician, he has performed with World Famous Rock Musicians,such as:
DOOGIE WHITE (Rainbow, Yngwie J. Malmsteen , Michael Schenker.)
ULI JON ROTH Band (Scorpions)
MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO Band (Guitar Virtuoso)
BLAZE BAYLEY (Iron Maiden)
CARMINE APPICE (Rod Stewart – Ozzy Osbourne – Vanilla Fudge)
VINNY APPICE (Ronnie J.DIO – Black Sabbath – Heaven & Hell)
ERIC MARTIN Band (Mr. Big)
TONY MARTIN (Black Sabbath)
KEE MARCELLO Band (Europe)
CLIVE BANKER (Jethro Tull)
KAI HANSEN (Helloween – Gamma Ray)
T.M. STEVENS (Steve Vai – James Brown)
and many more…

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