Singer, double-bass player and teacher, Elisabetta Pasquale was born in Bisceglie (Apulia- Italy) in 1990.
She began her guitar studies in 2004 as a self-taught; from 2009 to 2012 she studied singing with the soprano singer Luigia Mancini.

Elisabetta began studying electric bass in 2010 and the doublebass in 2013, at the beginning as self-taught and later with the Apulian doublebass player and teacher Giorgio Vendola. In 2016 she enrolled to the course study of Double bass at Conservatorio “N. Piccinni” in Bari.

She continues to study singing with the singer and vocologist Gianna Montecalvo, and she participates in various Masterclasses and seminars (Vocal Power by Elisabeth Howard, Javier Girotto, Jazz Piano Trio with Massimo Colombo, Maurizio Quintavalle and Enzo Zirilli, Dado Moroni, Rick Margitza, Nico Morelli, Furio Di Castri, Aaron Parks, Giovanni Falzone, Alberto Bocinie and so on.)

In 2019 she won a scholarship at the Pentagramma in Bari and took part in Siena Jazz Seminars, where she had the chance to study with big names in modern jazz, such as Ambrose Akinmusire, Aaron Parks, Kenny Wherner, Paolino Dalla Porta, Furio di Castri, Matt Pennman, Joe Sanders, Avishai Cohen, Ben Wendel , Stefano Battaglia, Linda Oh, Harish Raghavan, Becca Stevens, Henry Cole, Jen Shyu and many other.

In 2020 she achieved first level diploma in Doublebass Jazz with the teacher Quintavalle from the Conservatorio “N. Piccinni” in Bari with vote 110/110.
At the moment she is enrolled at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Roma to achieve the Specialistic Degree in Doublebass Jazz.

Creative projects and productions:
In 2013 she founded the project: “Orelle” where she sings, composes and arranges tracks.
The singer-songwriter and young double bassist introduces her unreleased pieces with atmospheres tending to acoustic rock/jazz, which wink at more dream or edgy sounds in an experimental pop with soft contours.
Open act for: Brunir Sas, Gregory Porter, Gino Paoli, Nada Malanima, Cristiano Godano (Marlene Kuntz), Niccolo Carnesi, Riccardo Sinigallia and many other. Orelle published her first Ep:”Primulae Radix” in 2015 thanks to the Black Candy Records.
In April 2017 she published the first album: “Argo” with the same Florentine record, with Warner Chappell publishing company and Audioglobe distributor. In November 2016 she was guest, with her band, on prestigious “Interfilm Festival in Berlino”, it is an international festival dedicated to the world of short films d’auteur. During the festival the group set to music a French short film and accompanied the award ceremony of the festival.
Actually Orelle is in tour with Tosca Donati with the project: “Morabeza” as a double bassist and singer, furthermore, she is recording her second album, thawt will be the first with her name, and it will be release always with the BlackCandy Recors, it is written and arranged all by herself for quintet (piano trio with voice and two winds).

Outside the project Orelle, Elisabetta has several collaborations both as singer and as double bassist, both in jazz and pop/alternative world. The singer-songwriter was pleased to collaborate with jazz trumpeter Fabrizio Rosso, the singer-songwriter Antonio Dimartino and many others.
She played in several jazz festivals including: Empoli Jazz Festival, Summer Note Jazz Festival in Bologna, Bari in Jazz and many others.
Elisabetta has appeared in numerous musical magazines among which “Musica Jazz” and on the cover of the Japanese magazine: “The Walkers”.

  • “Entranched by the music: the young Apulian double bassist and singer shows a voice interesting in thecrowded modern landscape.” (Musica Jazz)
  • “A calm breath, upside down. Timeless. An Odyssey lived in a low voice.”(Muschio selvaggio)
  • “A star is born.” (Blow Up)
  • “Clear and nostalgic refinement.” (Rockerilla)
  • “Argo is elegant, sophisticated well-arranged and executed.” (Rumore)
  • “A Provencal voice, a singer-songwriter verve subdues to the evocative power of a sound texture, which winks at experimental pop line, not stranger to the rock/jazz contamination”. (JazzItalia)

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