Erhan Ertetik is a bass player from Istanbul / Turkey.
He plays with the famous Turkish singers Gülşen and Kıraç.
Gülşen is a pop music singer that released two video clips in 2015 having an amazing feedback with 350 millions of views.
Erhan worked with her for about four years having a lot of concerts in Turkey and an European tour in 2016.
Kıraç is a rock music singer very popular in Turkey and Europe and Erhan collaborated with him for six years I work with him for 6 years. He also played a lot of studio recording in Turkey for other popular singers.
Erhan has two projects: Cazzip Trio and Ruseym .
Cazzip Trio is a fusion style group, on 2015 they played at the İstanbul International Jazz Fest and few months ago they released their debut album receiving an amazing feedback. 
Erhan's other project Ruseym is traditional and modern music group, they just finish recording their debut album and they will expect to release it in a couple of months. Erhan is actually working on his own bass project and album.
From November 2016 Erhan is teaching bass at the Modern Music Academy.

"All Markbass products are amazing!" —says Erhan— "Powerful, warm and pure sound, with full-range frequency response, out of a very lightweight amp and speaker cabinet. All Markbass amps and cabinets give me the incredible warm and attack tone i want to hear. Thanks a lot the Markbass family and the Zuhal Music family. I’m very happy to join the family!"


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