Evan Marien is a composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist born and raised in Decatur, Illinois and now living in Brooklyn, NY.

Although Evan grew up playing trombone, piano, guitar, and drums, he is primarily known for his performances and recordings on the electric bass.  Most recently he has been seen as the bassist for electronic songwriter Elliot Moss, Thundercat drummer Justin Brown's NYEUSI, and the last bassist to play in guitar legend Allan Holdsworth's band.

Evan leads the project Evan Marien x Dana Hawkins, which has been described as "progressive collaboration of bold bass artistry, dynamic electronic production, and prodigious drumming". 
A new EvanxDana album will be released in 2018. 

Evan has also recorded or performed with Virgil Donati, Steve Hunt,  Zach DanzigerLouis Cole (Knower), Jack DeJohnette, David Fiuczynski, Tim Miller, Ari Hoenig, Mike Slott, Louis Cato and many others. 

Back in his studio in Brooklyn, Marien composes commercial music for brands such as AT&T, The Dallas Cowboys, IMAX, HBO, Entertainment Tonight and many others. His bass playing can be heard on brands such as FX, Ulta Beauty, AT&T, Spectrum and OnMo Global. 

For more info please visit evanmarien.com


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