Freddie Washington is an American session bassist who has played with artists such as Herbie Hancock, Michael Jackson, Al Jarreau, Aaron Neville, Lionel Richie, Anita Baker, B.B. King, Elton John, Patrice Rushen, Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston, Donald Fagen, The Crusaders, George Benson, Deniece Williams, Johnny Mathis, Burt Bacharach, Kenny Loggins and Steely Dan.

Years ago,  Freddie was a young upstart trying to make a name for himself in the music business.

With luck, great timing, but mostly talent, he was recommended to replace a bass player who was leabing Herbie Hancock’s band. During his audition, Freddie played with such authorty and passion that he got the job. He has unleashed a raw power that impressed Hancock and jump started his career. That was just the beginning, Freddie produced his own recipe for succes as an artist by stirring emotions and eliciting reactions through his booming bass. It was an incredible break for a spunky 19-yer-old kid who had dreamed of one day playing with some of the music industry’s greats. News of Freddie’s talent soon spread rapidly throughout the music world.

Now know as “Ready Freddie”, a moniker he received, he says, because he’s “ready” for anything, the bassist’s mastery of his craft is he polished product of his years of preparation. He became adept at all sides of the music by listening to and familiarizing himself with jazz, gospel, r&b and pop, and incorporated them into his style of play, which has become known as the “Ready Freddie” groove, a half-time body movement that is now his infectious m.o.
In the music industry, there are bass players and there’s “Ready Freddie”, the first call studio musician, the songwriter and live performance player who brings uniquely pertinent credentials to his role.

His collaborative efforts with friend and musicianm Patrice Rushen, produced the early ‘80s hits “Haven’t You Heard” and “Forget Me Nots”. Their friendship and joy to play music together has lasted nearly 20 years. “If there’s a bassline, he’ll make it groove” –said Rushen– “If there’s a groove, he’ll make the line. It doesn’t matter if it’s ‘thumped’ or with ‘fingers’. It doesn’t matter if it is funk, pop, jazz, rock, hip-hop, uptempo or a ballad. Few players do it all with such creative style and musicality. Plus, he’s always ready to give it his best! That’s why we call him ‘Ready Freddie’”.

“Forget Me Nots” not only earned Freddie a Gold Album Award, it was also featured in the Tom Hanks film “Big”. His song, “Better Late Than Never” recorded by the Cover Girls, was featured in Eddie Murphy’s movie “Coming to America”. Fredddie also earned a Platinum Album Award for his song “Someone For Me”, recorded by Whitney Houston.

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–Freddie Washington–

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