Gabriele Grego was born in Rome, Italy.
His first approach to music was at age of ten when he started studying piano, graduating in music theory at the Conservatory of Rome.

At age of sixsteen he started studying electric and double bass at accademies in Rome (Synthesia, Popular School of Music in Testaccio, Timba) getting a degree at Saint Louiss College of Music.
He studied with Gaetano Ferrara, Marco Siniscalco, Valerio Serangeli, Pietro Ciancaglini, Stefano Nunzi, Tiberio Ripalli.
Gabriele followed many Italian and International masterclass including Umbria Jazz and Berklee College of Music.
He is a very versatile bassist, playing soul/motown, pop, blues, jazz and latin music.
Now he lives and plays between London and Rome.
He played in many TV show, Theaters, Stadium and on important stages and festivals in UK, Italy, Finland, France, Holland, Belgium, Greece, Africa… and he's actually in tour with Italian artist Noemi.
Around the world —with Markbass I have only one sound: my Sound!
Gabriele Greco

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