Gaetano Diodato is a bass and upright bass player born in Naples on 1965.
He started playing bass at 16 and he entered Music Conservatory in San Pietro a Majella at 20, graduating at 27 on upright bass.
He developed a pretty wide interest on music, so not only classical experiences (orchestra Scarlatti in Naples, San Pietro a Majella conservatory orchestra), but also jazz, funky, rock and pop. He collaborated on several music productions in Italy and abroad as a musician, arranger and composer.

Live: 92/93 Fred Bongusto; summer and winter tour, TV promotion, from 93 to 96 Banda Bertè tour with Loredana Bertè; live album “Bertex” 95, 99 Nino Buonocore live club,  99 summer tour Audio 2, 01 Zucchero Fornaciari: live radio and TV recording in Amsterdam, Red Cross Gala in London, live in Cagliari e 02 Zucchero Fornaciari: live in Parma(PALAPARMA), live in Sofia, live TV recording in Zurigo(ART on ICE)…. in 2004 he started collaborating with Sal Da Vinci both on tour and on many record and theater productions.

Main discography: 1990 Eneiro (jazz line), 1994 Marcello Pieri (il capitano della masnada); Festival Italiano Canale 5,  1995 Lorenzo Castriota Skanderberg dirige i Novi Musici, 1996 Soul River (Entering the trance), 1996/97 Serena Autieri (Donna a metà, una mente un’anima, anima soul), 1996 Jose Luis Perales (En clave de amor) Spanish production, 1998 Angela Muro (Extrano  mineral ) Spanish production, 1998 Andrea Mingardi (Canto per te); Sanremo 98 , 2001 Lorca (Lorca) Spanish Production, 2001 Yaire (Yaire) Spanish production, 2002 Jose Miguel Diez (2) Spanish production, 2002 Alessandro De Francesco (Tropico latino), 2002 Tisuby & Georgina (Ruleta del amor) Spanish production, 2002 Son pà rabiar (Alma mia) Spanish production , 2002 Yaire (Donde me lleve el viento) Spanish production e 2003 Zucchero (duet), Massimo di Cataldo 2005, MIETTA 2006.
Sal Da Vinci – 2008 (canto per amore), 2011 (Napoli chi resta chi parte… Viviani), 2018 (sinfonie in Sal Da Vinci).

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