Bassist, composer, educator and researcher born in 1979, has more than 20 years of professional musical experience. Natural of Passo Fundo – Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil).
Ghadyego Carraro began his musical career in regional music bands, playing in popular shows with various artists.
As a bass player, producer and arranger, he has performed with various Brazilian popular music artists, regional music and jazz, including collaborations with international artists. Among them Joaquin De la Montana (ESP), Luis Mascaro (USA), Lauren Conklin (USA), JJ Jackson (USA), Letizia Ciaccafava (ITA), Duccio Spacca (ITA), Ana Paula da Silva (BRA), Ronaldo Saggiorato (BRA), Fabiano Chagas (BRA), Di Stefano (BRA), Alegre Corrêa (AUS), Pirisca Grecco (BRA), Guilherme Goulart (BRA), Gabriel Selvage (BRA), Osvaldir and Carlos Magrão.
In addition to having performed in countless recordings with a large number of artists he has two solo albums, Influences (2010) and the DVD Ghadyego Carraro Group (2012) and works on his latest album called Tribute, where he honors great names in Brazilian music.
His music adds a strong compositional work that unites elements of Brazilian popular music, regional folklore and jazz. He also has an instrumental CD and DVD with the GAMM group (2017) as well as graduated in Music from the University of Passo Fundo (UPF), with improvements in Italy and obtained the Master's Degree in Acoustic Double Bass from the Federal University of Goiás (UFG). He currently studies doctorate. His main activity is Brazilian popular music and jazz. At the same time, he studied and participated in master classes with great concert musicians, always looking for technical and expressive improvements, among which we highlight: Marcos Machado (BRA / USA), Tierry Barbé (FRA), Sonia Ray Rosa (OSESP) . ) Virgina Dixon (USA), Irena Olkiewicz (POL), Felipe Adami (UFRGS).
His art has varied influences that blend the sounds of musicians born in southern Brazil, such as the Alegre Corrêa group, including excellent musicians and composers such as Milton Nascimento, Dominguinhos, Tom Jobim, bassists and virtuosos of Arthur Maia, Jaco Pastorius and Jonh Patitucci, Avishay Cohen and the south American music that unites the countries Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, of which Astor Piazzola and Diego Schissi are great references for the artist.
Ghadyego Carraro is constantly at shows in Brazil and abroad, wrapped in a work environment focused on the instrumental music of Brazilian and Latin roots, loaded with regional sounds and rhythms that naturally reside in the South American pampas, which in their work fuses modernity of jazz and Brazilian popular music, in the words of the artist his music represents "a cauldron of sounds always ready to explode".

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