Giuseppe Fiori was born in Milan on 1982 and graduated in law with thesis about the copyright in 2012.
Subsequently he graduated in electric bass with top marks at the CPM – Centro Professione Musica.

After countless experiences, in 2013 he joined the humanitarian rock project Rezophonic as resident bassist, together with big names from the alternative scene: Mario Riso, Cristina Scabbia, Caparezza and Roy Paci just to name a few. He plays on the album “Rezophonic III” and the upcoming one.

In 2017  it was released the first solo album entitled “Spazi di vita scomodi” for Discipline/Audioglobe label, produced by Lele Battista and with special guests such as Andy (Bluvertigo) and Gak Sato (Vinicio Capossela), this record is included in the Dictionary of Singer-songwriters of the New Millennium edited by Michele Neri.

In 2023 it was released  “We Are Basstronautz” (Plaza Mayor / Sony Music), the first recording work ever composed, performed and designed for 3 electric basses.
Basstronautz is a project created together with Markbass artists Tony Corizia and Roberto Pascucci.  11 tracks Album, in which also partecipated the actor Neri Marcorè in the song “Play the Bass” and Fabrice Quagliotti of the Rockets for the revisitation of “On The Road Again”. The first single released even ends up in the American Billboard charts.

Giuseppe has also collaborated in the studio and live with artists such as Paolo Benvegnù, Garbo, Cristina Donà, Violante Placido, Omar Pedrini, Alberto Fortis, Eva Poles (Prozac+), Ivan Cattaneo, Stef Burns, Ricky Portera (Stadio), Lombroso and many others…

He is an author and radio speaker, firstly on the frequencies of Rock’n’Roll Radio and then on Radio Popolare Milano (FM 107.6).
Later he has been also television presenter and veejay on the RockerTv station.

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