Keira was born in Melrose, Scotland, daughter of a rock drummer. Keira picked up the bass in her early teens and then went on to study at the Leeds College of music. She has been dubbed the ‘mistress of groove’ and her playing style has been developed from her diverse influences including James Jamerson, Andy Fraser, Neil Murray, Alan Woody, Nathan East, Jaco Pastorius and Victor Wooten. She excels at playing a wide variety of musical styles including rock, blues, funk and soul and has established herself as a go to bass player and is building a sizeable following.

She was a founding member of Syteria, featuring Jackie Chambers of Girlschool who she played for 5 years before joining the critically acclaimed band JoanOvArc.

She has toured the UK and internationally and appears on several recordings. She has toured with Australian rockers Tequila Mockingbyrd and orchestral art rock band The Red Paintings. Keira has collaborated with Tal Bergman, guitar great Haim Romano and others. When not touring she teaches students in both the UK and USA.

JoanOvArc have released their 3rd album ‘Invisible Enemy’ and regularly tour internationally. Other current projects include playing bass for all female Deep Purple Tribute band Diva Purple, touring bass player for acclaimed British Blues Guitarist Troy Redfern and appearing with Swiss all girl AC/DC tribute band BACK:N:BLACK. She is also touring the UK and Ireland with alt rock artist Princess Maha (THE KUT).

“With the wide variety of styles and venues I play, from small blues clubs to major festival stages, I need versatility in the equipment I use. The mixture of Markbass amps and enclosures I have provides me with that in bucket loads I can always dial in the sound I want that best reflects the music I am playing and my personality from warm and moody to brutal and explosive.”

photo by Mark La Ciura


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