Born in Naples, Lello began study music from an early age.
Eclectic and polyhedric musician his musical roots are the Jazz and Soul Music.
His excellent technique fits with great flexibility and professionalism to any musical genre, mixing Steve Swallow's typical Jazz sound to the sounds plenty of attack and sustain typical of the Funk and Fusion Pop Music.
It's not a case that Lello Somma is one of the most requested and appreciated Session Man in the recording studios of his city, and he has many collaborations with Neapolitan, National and International Artists and Musicians.
Lello's bass sound is warm, round and very dynamic, especially in his live performances where he expresses his best.
In addition to the great musical talent Lello Somma is a very good arranger, sound engineer and programmer of electronic devices, his technical contribution has certainly contributed to the success of many musical productions.
For many years he has been passionately dedicated to teaching, and is closely followed by the many students who attend his stages…

Art Ansamble of Chicago – Mike Stern – Virgil Donati – David Garfield – Robben Ford – Mark Mondesir Lester Bowie – Fabrizio Bosso – Carl Verheyen – Dario Fò – Jim Kerr "Simple Minds Vox " – Carl Potter – Carla  Marcotulli – Joy Garrison – James Senese – Larry Nocella – Napoli Centrale – Maurizio Gianmarco – Bruno Illiano – Pietro  Condorelli – Joe Amoruso – Don Moye – Andrea Braido – ( Gruppo Poli  Opposti) -Lele Melotti – Ernesto Vitolo – Antonello Salis – Agostino Marangolo – Gigi Dalessio – Sal da Vinci – Nino Buonocore – Daniele Scannapieco – Franco  Fasano – Principe e Socio M. – Francesco Nastro – Nino D'Angelo – Rita Forte – Lino Cannavacciuolo … and more!

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