Leonard (CM) Lee is a musician, arranger, producer and surfer. 

CM is a bass guitar and double bass player from Hong Kong, active in the local indie and pop music scene since year 2004. He has been working with some of the top acts in Hong Kong, such as Sammi Cheng, Tat Ming Pair, Anthony Wong Yiu Ming, Miriam Yeung, Grasshopper, Chet Lam, Eman Lam, Endy Chow, Pong Nam, just to name a few. He has also worked with top classical musicians/orchestra, such as world renowned tenor singer Andrea Bocelli, virtuoso violinist Yao Jue, and the Hong Kong Sinfonietta. 


CM is a member of the HUSband, the team of musicians who work closely with young diva Eman Lam (At17). Lam's first self-titled album "Eman Lam" was released in 2012 and has won rave review. The album has won the '2012 CASH Best Song of the Year" award, 'Best Cantonese Female Artiste', 'Best Recording' and 'Best HiFi Album' at the 13th Chinese Music Media].
CM is the band leader of original Funk/Soul septet The Majestic G, a member of piano rock trio Brothers of Roadkill and jazz trio Freeminds. Recently, in an attempt to expand his sonic spectrum and explore different musical possibilities, CM has launched a bass solo experimental music project called [Begins Within]. 

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