In more than 25 years of bass passion, Luca Angelici studied with Massimo Sutera (Dalla, Carboni, Bersani), Pierluigi Mingotti (Guccini, Bertè, Il Volo), Cesare Chiodo (Raf, Masini, Pausini), Paolo Costa (Ramazzotti, Zero, Baglioni), Roberto Drovandi (Stadio), Luca Visigalli (Fiorella Mannoia, The Voice Of Italy) and played with A. Morricone, Ron, Paolo Vallesi, Antonio Mezzancella, Gilda Giuliani, Vinnie Lopez, Alejandro Escovedo, Joe D'Urso, Bill Toms, Gang, Federico Mecozzi, Miami & The Groovers and many others.

From 2013 he created #BASSYOURLIFE, a YouTube channel dedicated to the electric bass didactic offering weekly lessons, interviews and reviews; and from 2016 he is teaching at the Associazione InArte of Bellaria, plus he's doing private lessons at his own studio.

"I purchased my first Markbass amp 22 years ago, when it was still branded Parsek; My rig was gigantic, a 4×10” cab, a 1×15” cab ad separate preamp and power amp. Since then I’ve followed all Markbass evolution. I went through the black speaker series with a P501 head and a 103H cab, then I moved to the Traveler series with black speakers and yellow cabinet. Markbass is part of my sound and style since the beginning, from my first Parsek amp in my bedroom when I was dreaming big stages. I made some dreams come true and I’m still working on some of them, but I’m sure I’ll keep dreaming using a great amp!" —Luca Angelici—

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