Luca Javier Bologna is an hip hop, neo soul, funk and gospel bass player born in Nardò (LE) in 1985.
Studied at Milan Conservatory, he works as studio and live performer.
Starts his career with rap metal band Mellowtoy in early 2000’s touring all Europe with Sepultura, Alter Bridge,Ill Nino, Disturbed, Morbid Angel, Stone Sour and more
He’s been member of Italian all star band Rezophonic (Mario Riso, Caparezza, Roy Paci, Africa Unite, Enrico Ruggeri and others).
Luca belongs, and contributes to develop the new alternative jazz soul and hip hop wave in Milan, as bassist, arranger, composer, and musical director.
He works with several italian rap legends as Sottotono, Ernia, Nitro, Ensi, Inoki, Vacca, Mistaman, Shokka and many others.
He also works with european gospel band “Gospel Voices Family”
In 2020 released his first solo album “Dyonisia”  with the pseudonym Kidd Mojo for the renowned jazz alternative label Hyperjazz rec, workin’ with the grammy nominated artist Georgia Anne Muldrow from Los Angeles.
In 2024 he will release his new album via Hyperjazz as usual.
Luca worked also with legendary Brooklyn hip hop duo Deadprez and touring with NYC iconic rapper Cormega (member of american hip hop supergroup The Firm with Nas, AZ, Foxy Brown and Nature)

“Be part of Markbass family is something special for me. It was a dream since I was a child. Marco give me the possibility to enrich my sound. I was searching for a deep, articulated and defined low-end. And this is what I have NOW. So grateful and proud” —Luca Bologna—

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