Marco Dirani approached the music since he was a child, but his first passion was singing and in 1982 he partecipated to the 25th Zecchino d’Oro as a competitor with the song “Bambini attenti attenti”.
He studied bass with maestro Pierluigi Mingotti then with maestro Roberto Gallinelli. In 2007 he joined Umberto Tozzi’s band with whom he played for almost 10 years in Italian,  European and World tour. He was also in tour with Annalisa: on 2012 (Mentre tutto cambia tour), 2015 (Splende tour) and 2016 (Se avessi un cuore tour).
Since 2014 he has started as a session man in TV broadcasts: The Voice of Italy on 2014 and 2015 (Rai 2) , Roberto Bolle and Friends on 2016 (Rai 1), Tutti a scuola on 2016, 2018 and 2019 (Rai 1), Ora o mai più on 2018 (Rai 1), Fatti Sentire Festival on 2021 (Rai 2), La notte dei serpenti on 2023 (Rai 2), Dalla strada al palco (Rai2) on 2024.
On 2018 he also played with Riccardo Cocciante nel 2018 in “Cocciante canta Cocciante” for the Perdonanza Celestiniana event at L’Aquila.
At the same time he was on tour with Cristina D’Avena in 2017 and 2018, Paolo Vallesi in 2019, Ron and Pierdavide Carone, and also played in festivals such as Tropea Blues,
Salerno Jazz Festival, Lucca Comics and other theater festivals wuth Sarah Jane Morris, Selina Albright, Cherri V, Chicago Children’s gospel choir, Carlo Marrale (Matia Bazar), Naomi Revieccio, Silvia Mezzanotte, Gem boy…
Since 2016 he has worked for 3 years as a session man at Fonoprint studios in Bologna.
He recorded in studio for Ivan Graziani, Umberto Tozzi, Francesco Tricarico, Carlo Marrale, Naomi Revieccio, Legno, Paolo Vallesi, Elsa Lila, Luli Pampin.

“I have always used Markbass since the days of Parsek….sound, power, design, and with the Bass Multiamp I found an infinite number of effects and sound combinations at the highest standard… I’m proud and grateful to be part of the Markbass family!”—Marco Dirani—

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